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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sharing what I am having

Here is an excellent tutorial of C language. It helped me and hope you people also like it.Here you will learn about the

Birth of C
Coding style
Code Obfuscation
Dos programming
Mating assembly with c
Traits of turbo c, etc...

Monday, 5 November 2012

What's Next

Welcome readers.

After learning core of any language what's next step? Most people square measure confused the way to learn advance ideas of computing when learning the fundamentals.Read on the posts to clarify your ideas, which can cause you to advance user from the beginner.

The first step to find out globe programming is apparent to find out basics of the each language i.e core. Following square measure the topics that square measure usually taught of throughout the fundamental course.

    Data types, constants, variables like little(but useful) stuff.
    Keywords, syntax of language, punctuation, listing etc
    Arithmetic, relative and logical operators.
    Conditional statements(if, if-else, switch- case, nested if-else etc..)
 reiterative statements(while, do-while,for, for-each etc)
    functions(most important)