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Friday, 28 December 2012

Win Xp AHCI Drivers for Dell laptops

Those who want to install win Xp on their laptops will need AHCI drivers to merge with XP cd and slipstream it, so that your installation should detect your HDD, which other wise not possible until you will not turn off AHCI option from BIOS and select ATA mode. It is fine to work in ATA mode but it is slow and old technology as compare to SATA AHCI mode. So it is important to upgrade with latest technology. To download the drivers click the link below

Download XP SATA AHCI Drivers

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Magic ISO

In the download section of my blog you can get the software, and can dirty your hand with it.

What is Magic ISO

Magic ISO is a software solution for virtual CD/DVD 's . Gone those days when you needed a CD/DVD R/W drives to view the contents of your CD/DVD.
Set of software's (Magic ISO, Free ISO Burner and Magic DVD) can solve your problem.
Second advantage of using this solution is the fact that, soon CD/DVD 's get corrupted due to environmental conditions and become inaccessible after some time, these software's  provides you with the solution to keep virtual images of your CD/DVD 's inside your computer and forget the fear of getting CD/DVDs corrupt.
Third and final advantage is the fact that all the major software's these days are hosted on internet in ISO or any other virtual DVD image format, so to open up these software's you will need a virtual DVD ROM, which you can get from these set of software's. Imagine the situation where you need to run two or  three or even more DVDs simultaneously, it is possible with Magic DVD.

Obtain your copy of these free software's below
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